In Hinduism, the third chief god (with Brahma and Vishnu) making up the Trimurti. As Mahadeva (great lord), he is the creator, symbolized by the phallic lingam, who restores what as Mahakala he destroys.

To some Hindus he is the destroyer of evil; to others he is the creator, preserver, and destroyer. He is depicted with the River Ganges flowing through his hair. Tradition tells how the Ganges used to flow in heaven but was needed on earth; the river knew that her fall to earth might destroy her, so Shiva broke her fall through his hair. The crescent moon in his hair shows his creative nature.


Kadappattoor is a small beatutiful village on the banks of Meenachil river near Pala in Kottayam District of Kerala. The village life is centered around a Shiva temple: Kadappattoor Mahadeva Temple. The population consists of Hindus and Christians.

The stone idol of Lord Shiva in Kadappattoor Mahadeva Temple is noteworthy and is unique unlike the idols in other Shiva temples.The idol was discovered by a woodcutter named Madathil Paachu Nair from inside a large tree on the banks of Meenachil river on 14th July 1960 while he was cutting fire wood. The day was quite unusually stormy with deafening thunder bolts. The wood cutter got quite frightened and jumped into the river as the tree fell to one side and the stone idol of Lord Shiva appeared from that.

The news of appearance of a beautiful Shiva idol from the tree spread like wild fire through central Travancore and people flocked to see the idol. Gradually a temple came up with the efforts of Bhaktas. Initially the temple had a unique architecture resembling North Indian temples.

Recently, in 2006 the temple was renovated and completely remodelled in South Indian temple architure style.Thousands of pilgrims visit the Kadappattoor temple, every year, on their way to Sabarimala.


Kadappattoorappan is a powerful and benign deity who takes great care of His devotees. He is famous for abundantly blessing all those who come to him. Devotees are blessed with healings, fertility and prosperity, and what ever they pray for. His thousands of contented devotees are living testimony of his power and popularity. Hence, it is no surprise that with-in a short time, He has become renowned all over South India as a Kaliyuga incarnation. The surprise turns into wonder when we consider that it was only about 32 years ago that He began to bath the eyes of His devotees with the elixir of his divine presence.


The Kadappattur branch (Karayogam) of the N.S.S. took charge of the temple. Then the Meenachil Taluk N.S.S. Unit and the Kadappattur branch gave shape to the temple constitution. The Devasom general body consists of the Union representatives and the members of the Kadappatur branch. The Director Board consists of 30 members from the Union committee, N.S.S. branch committee and 4 members from the Hindu community. The day-today functioning of the temple is managed by 4 representatives each from the Union and the branch, and also 3 nominated members.

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