Kadappattoorappan is a powerful and benign deity who takes great care of His devotees. He is famous for abundantly blessing all those who come to him. Devotees are blessed with healings, fertility and prosperity, and what ever they pray for. His thousands of contented devotees are living testimony of his power and popularity. Hence, it is no surprise that with-in a short time, He has become renowned all over South India as a Kaliyuga incarnation. The surprise turns into wonder when we consider that it was only about 32 years ago that He began to bath the eyes of His devotees with the elixir of his divine presence.


1960 July 14 turned out to be a day of great wonder and joy for the residents of Kadppattur village. They had started their day in the fearful shadow of a terrifying prophecy made by Italian astronomers. It was predicted that the day would witness an ominous congregation of the 8 planets, which would be disastrous for the world. The people of Kadappattoor were very apprehensive like all other people. That day at 2 O’clock in the afternoon, a miracle occurred at Kadppattur that made the people forget their apprehensions.

There was a great fig tree at Kadappattoor on the fertile shore of Meenachilar river. The work to cut the tree had started in the morning. Many people in the neighborhood had come to watch the proceedings. Unexpectedly and all of a sudden the tree fell to the opposite side against the wishes of the timber men. When the people woke from their temporary shock, there appeared before their eyes a luminous idol inside the tree stump.


It was soon discovered that the idol was over a thousand years old. There are evidences in the surrounding places of an ancient and great temple, which might have got ruined due to hostile circumstances. The names of ancestral homes, localities, the signs of temple tank and location for sub-deities all point to a once prosperous and powerful great temple, and also the local princely states who looked after the temple. In the year 1764 A.D. the great king Marthandavarma conquered Ettumanoor and nearby places and annexed them to the Travancore kingdom and made changes in the administration due to which the princely states lost their power and authority. This made them powerless both in terms of wealth and authority to look after the temple. Other hostile circumstances also led to the temple’s ruin and its land was lost to encroachers.

The apprehensions of the devotees turned into ecstasy when the deity reincarnated after leading an unknown existence of over two centuries. The idol, with extraordinary exquisite carvings, has an aura that fills the minds of all those who come to see it with great devotion. They presented their offerings to the deity with their whole heart. First they made a shelter for the deity with coconut palm leaves and offered puja with what ever the neighbors could bring. Within a few days the situation has so become such that a committee had to be formed to take care of the worship proceedings and offerings.


The Kadappattoor branch (Karayogam) of the N.S.S. took charge of the temple. Then the Meenachil Taluk N.S.S. Unit and the Kadappattur branch gave shape to the temple constitution. The Devasom general body consists of the Union representatives and the members of the Kadappatur branch. The Director Board consists of 30 members from the Union committee, N.S.S. branch committee and 4 members from the Hindu community. The day-today functioning of the temple is managed by 4 representatives each from the Union and the branch, and also 3 nominated members.

The Kadappattoor Devaswom functions as an autonomous body. The Devaswom has the right to use all the temple fund for the management of the temple. The involvement of the Devasom Board or any other organizations does not interfere with this right. Within the first 5 years a land of 10.5 acres was acquired and a beautiful temple was built with the blessings of Kadappattoorappan. The idol was consecrated at the new temple on April 22, 1966. The Devaswom is prospering by doing everything within its power for the well being of the deity and the welfare of the temple.

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